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Apple Macintosh - OSX

System Requirements

Apple Mac OS-X Operating System
Minimum 4MB disk space
Existing internet connection (MQLink will not initiate an internet connection)
Existing clinical software (MQLink can deliver PIT or HL7 data for import)

The following three tools are available to assist you with setting up and managing MQLink on your Apple Operating System:

Install MQLink Package (Ver. 3.0J Build 1630)

Click on the Download MQLink_30J.zip file to download. When prompted, select save to store this package on your computer network. When download completes, click open to commence the installation. When prompted contact EDI support here for required site specific codes. A full set of Download Install Instructions in PDF format are also available to download to step you through the process.

   Download MQLink_30J.zip (12.5MB)

   Download Install Instructions PDF (250KB)

Download the tool for Remote Desktop support of MQLink

To initiate the tool that will enable QML Pathology to provide you with remote desktop support for the MQLink product, click on the Initiate Remote Support file and when prompted, click open or run. The Remote Support file of 11Mb will download and run on your computer. You will be shown an ID code and Password to relay to your Support Technician. Contact EDI Support here for assistance.

   Initiate Remote Support (11MB)

To Uninstall MQLink from your system

Please contact EDI Support here for instructions.