Partnering with TML Pathology

Whether you are setting up a new medical practice or starting a new role at an existing medical centre, TML Pathology can help you make your life easier. With our long history of industry leadership, you can be secure in the knowledge that you will have one of the world’s most comprehensive pathology practices and recognised specialists as your partner in practice.

How to set up your practice in partnership with TML Pathology

Establish a Licensed Collection Centre

To establish a Licensed Collection Centre in your practice call us on (03) 6711 2000 (Launceston area) or (03) 6108 9900 (Hobart area), or email.

Book a Medical Liaison Officer visit.​

To request a visit from your local TML Pathology Medical Liaison Officer please email us.

Set up your results download service.

For assistance in setting up your results download service please call 1300 738 448 or email our EDI Support team.

Courier pick up service.

To request a new client or changed client courier pick up service, please contact your Medical Liaison Officer.

New Client Starter Pack

To request a complimentary new client starter pack, call (03) 6711 2000 (Launceston area) or (03) 6108 9900 (Hobart area), or email us.